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What is a Kisanji?:
A kisanji is an amazing very ancient musical instrument used in many african countries, it has many different names, in some places is called kisanji.
I choosed to call the project kisanji because i like music and this instrument , and i was going to make a website about african music.
But i think that this name is poetical because in Africa very often music is used as an instrument of communication, some peoples remember their very ancient hisotry with musicians like griots, some people uses music to reach the masses with freedom messages, so i think it's poetical to call a content managment system with this name.

Can i download an installer and use this software? The software is still not ready for end users, only a c# developer should use it for testing and debugging, I am using it to add content to my site.
If you need it immediatly there are many free portal system, if you can wait some time this program will be soon ready.

I d'like to help you to develop what can i do? Visit the sourceforge project page and there you will find all you need to develop, the most important things to do are written in the task list, we can communicate in the forum or with e-mail.

Do i need to subscribe anything for my site download free content from other sites? the website downloads content from wikipedia and dmoz , for this content you only need to not remove the boxes at the bottom of the pages.
For the search api and the maps you will need a free google account and to get a key for google search api and google maps api, google services are free.

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