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- Easy setup: the first time the program is started a dialog window pop up.
The admin need to fill some field to decide if the website will be only on the local computer or also in a remote server, the setup dialog let the admin choose local and remote folders and urls, settings are saved in a file and can be changed later.
After the general settings the admin choose the colors, title , and theme of the site.
After the first dialog the program creates local and eventually the remote site.
- Easy to use: articles can be added and edited with a wysiwyg editor in a window application, the admin can add an article , a daily or weekly event , easly like write a word document or an e-mail in oulook.
The saved content files are immediatly visible in the local site and can be sent to the remote site with a simple web transfer form.
- A lot of interesting content: the website automatically dowload content from wikipedia , dmoz , google maps ... pages are memorized locally on the web server and are updated automatically every 3 months, so your site will have a lot of interesting content even if you dont'write it, in your articles you can link wikipedia and dmoz pages in you own site.
This needs a lot of disk space but you can find a cheap hosting with unlimited space (The demo site pays 27 euro in a year for its hosting)
- You don't need a big big server for your big big web site the aim of this program is not to use a lot of cpu, so the site it's very simple, the control panel doesn't run in the server, the search in the site uses the free google api, when a page is called normally it loads only a text file from the hard disk and display it, sometimes it saves a text file on the hard disk.
This means that you don't need a lot of cpu and ram on the server, you don't even need a database, you only need a lot of disk space and this is offered very cheap by a lot of provider.

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